Product Safety

100% Committed to Toy Safety and the Wellbeing of children worldwide.

All Products designed, manufactured and distributed by JC Toys are safe for play. Please consult each individual product for age recommendations.

How do we make our products safe?
1. Design. During the design process we ensure that all small parts are minimized or eliminated and that all parts are designed with 
the play process in mind. By putting safety first during the design process we improve the end products safety.

2. Materials. JC Toys uses only the best raw materials when manufacturing our toys. These materials are tested prior to the 
manufacturing process, and tested once again prior to delivery to first distribution point. The multiple testing procedure helps us eliminate any inferior product prior to delivery.

3. Testing. All JC Toys products are tested and meet/exceed all relevant testing requirements. For more information on testing procedures for the USA please visit 

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