Just like many of you, I do a lot of shopping online and I always wonder who I'm actually buying from. So I thought it would be a great idea, if I told you a little more about our company. 

We are a family business, that works tirelessly to design and manufacture the world's best, safest, cutest dolls! The business was started by my father and slowly but surely more members of the family joined the company. We are a pretty big family and are spread all around the world. We have offices in Miami, Florida, Hong Kong, Castalla, Spain that are managed and run by the JC Toys Family. We employ over 500 employees worldwide, and we are happy to call ourselves one bid Doll Family. 

Even though, we've been in business as JC Toys over 25 years, and our products are enjoyed around the world, we still consider ourselves a small business. We love our products and customers, and make sure that every detail of every doll and accessory is perfect. The entire JC Toys extended family is devoted to bringing you the best, both in products and in service. We make ourselves available to make sure you are pleased via phone ( 1 800 422 2244), email We receive and answer all our calls and emails personally! 

One of my favorite things about being in the Toy business, is that our greatest measure of success is to make kids smile!!! (and parents too!) I'd love to hear about your experiences with our dolls, so please send me emails, photos, etc... to my email; 

This is our first blog, so hope we did OK. On the next blogs, I hope to share some  more history on our products, our customers, and more insider info on our company. We hope that you enjoy our posts, and that you share too!