August 9 2023 Blog Entry

August 9 2023 Blog Entry

Greetings to all of you in Toyland!,


Summer is still moving at a very quick pace. It seems like just yesterday Barbie the movie came out, and its already grossed over 1 Billion Dollars! Not bad for a doll released in 1959. Nice to see that a good brand can last and last.


Speaking of dolls and toys, we wanted to reach out to you, our favorite retailers, and ask that you send us your store photos and contact info. We will be sharing all this information with our social media followers, and wanted to have all your latest information. The photo can be of anything you would like us to share online. Please email us at and attach anything you would like us to share.


Doll Tip. Did you know that almost all of our all vinyl dolls are waterproof. We design them with plugs on the arms, legs, and neck openings. This way any water stays away from the body cavity, eliminating the possibility of gross mold in bath toys. 


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