Berenguer Reborn Classics Leonor 18" Limited Edition Baby Doll - 2019 Award

SKU: 01001

Welcome to the Berenguer Reborn Classics Nursery, featuring our favorite dolls brought to life with hand-applied paints and clothing. Each doll is made in Spain by our team of doll artists, using only the highest quality baby soft vinyl,  paints, hand-made outfits, and lots and lots of love! The Leonor set features a beautiful multi-piece outfit and accessories. Her delightful sleeping face is very detailed and very lifelike, just like a real baby. 

We begin the design and crafting of our dolls, by carefully selecting face sculpts designed by Salvador Berenguer over his 50 years legendary and award-winning career. Once chosen, we produce each doll individually with high-quality vinyl in our own doll factory, nestled in a small town in southeast Spain. Dolls are painted by hand over the course of a few days, giving time for the artists to be inspired by each doll’s personality. Once the doll “comes to life” we choose the perfect outfits and make sure our dolls are weighted to look and feel like a real baby. We carefully package each doll to ensure that it arrives at your home safe and beautiful The entire production of your unique doll starts in Castalla, Spain, and finishes when you pick up your Berenguer Classic for the first time.

Made in Spain! is not just a phrase, it is a symbol of artisan and handmade products, that are as unique as they are beautiful. With help from local suppliers and governing agencies, we are happy to work together with others to produce such wonderful dolls. For more information on these partnerships please visit

Thank you for your love of dolls!

SKU: 01001


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