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For Keeps! Pink Baby Doll Bath Gift Set Fits Most Dolls up to 16” - Ages 2+

For Keeps! Pink Baby Doll Bath Gift Set Fits Most Dolls up to 16” - Ages 2+

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Fun and Easy-To-Use Baby Doll Bathtub Gift Set Fits Most Dolls up to 16” 

The Perfect Toy Bathtub Set for Your Little One Every new doll mommy needs a new Baby Doll Bathtub for their baby dolls, so a baby doll bathtub is an absolute must for any child who likes playing with dolls. This well-designed doll bathtub is sure to stand the test of time with ease. More importantly, it is remarkably like the real thing, so your child will spend hour upon hour happily splish splashing with her doll.

  • Looking for doll accessories for your baby doll this Bathtime Play Set is perfect. 7 PIECE SET includes bathtub, pretend soap dish, soap, rubber ducky, toothpaste, toothbrush and cute ducky comb
  • This JC Toys Bathtub Set is a fun, affordable way to brighten up a child's day. SAFETY TESTED and approved for children ages 2 and up.
  • This quality plastic bathtub playset is perfect for pretend play with dolls UP TO 16”.
  • Made by JC Toys - the only baby doll manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience with real-life baby dolls. Proud to be Designed by Berenguer
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Customer Reviews

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Made real well. Well worth the money.

Brittany S.
Quality made!

I got this for my daughters 14in newborn but I am betting the 15.5in babies would do well in this too. Again, another high quality made toy. Not cheap flimsy plastic. This can endure allot of play.