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La Newborn All Vinyl Anatomically Correct Real Girl 15in Baby Doll - White Dress

La Newborn All Vinyl Anatomically Correct Real Girl 15in Baby Doll - White Dress

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This doll is a 15” vinyl, anatomically correct “real girl” baby-doll with a jointed body that enables her to assume various poses. Designed by Berenguer, she is dressed in a light pink eyelet outfit with a big matching bow. She has lifelike eyes, an inquisitive expression, and realistic ears, lips, and nose. As part of a Deluxe Gift set, she comes with an assortment of pink-trimmed accessories including a bottle, rattle, pacifier, and a little fluffy bunny plush toy. The set even includes a birth certificate! 
This little sweetie is lightweight and easy to carry. Her body is washable and her clothes can be easily removed and cleaned, meaning that she will look new for years!  Children will love to take her out and about. Moreover, playing with dolls is an excellent way to teach children about caring for others and basic communication and/or interaction skills. 

  • Dressed in a cute eyelet outfit and matching bow, and includes pink accessories and fluffy bunny plush toy
  • Intricately detailed, thanks to the award-winning creativity of the Designed by Berenguer design team. Hover over the pictures yourself to see life-like dimples, folds, and wrinkles.
  • Jointed the shoulders, hips, and neck, so you can rotate the legs and arms when adding and removing clothing. The doll is 14" long and weighs slightly over 1 pound.
  • Made by JC Toys – the only baby doll manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience with real-life baby dolls. Proud to be designed by Berenguer.

JC Toys is a family run and operated business with origins dating back to 1982 in south-east Spain - one of the top major toy-making and design centers in the world. Today, you can find 100s dolls, playtime accessories, and more by JC Toys.

Add smiles to a young child’s face today by adding this Deluxe Doll set to your cart now - thank you!

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