JC Toys, La Newborn Boutique 14 Inch Real Girl Doll-Pink Outfit 9 Pcs Gift Set

SKU: 18541
  • La Newborn Boutique is a realistically looking ANATOMICALLY CORRECT REAL GIRL.
  • MADE IN SPAIN She is made from non-scented and washable vinyl durable for years. Also, she is water-friendly.
  • This adorable doll comes with a 9-piece GIFT SET for dress-up fun. Includes 1 short-sleeve baby shirt, 1 diaper cover, 1 pair of booties, 1 hat, 1 cloth diaper, 1 Soft Blanket, Belly Button Gauze, 1 hospital bracelet, and Birth Certificate.
  • The doll is jointed at the shoulders, hips, and neck, so you can rotate the legs and arms when adding and removing the doll’s clothing and turn her head side to side during play. She’s 14” long and weighs about 1lb. 5 oz.
  • All JC Toys products are safety tested and approved for children 2+. Proud to be Designed by Berenguer.

This La Newborn doll gift set includes an all-vinyl 14 inches baby girl doll with a cute expression and moveable arms, legs, and head. This sweet little girl is attired in a cute romper, matching hat, and matching booties, and she has a hospital bracelet too. This set also includes a matching blanket, so your child can swaddle her to keep her cozy and safe. She is anatomically correct and made totally out of vinyl for easy cleaning and care. She has a soft and adorable face with bright happy eyes and irresistibly cute crinkly toes. She is completely made from non-scented and washable vinyl, which means the doll is water-friendly and has soft and smooth to touch, yet durable for years.

Made by JC Toys, the world’s leading doll manufacturer since the early 80s. For the past 30+ years, JC Toys has built a proven reputation for quality products and 100s of baby dolls available in stores nationwide.

SKU: 18541

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