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Lil' Cutesies 8.5" Twins Stroller

Lil' Cutesies 8.5" Twins Stroller

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The Cutest Baby Doll Twins

These baby doll twins from JC Toys are excellent additions to any child's toy collection! In addition to being twins, these play time dolls come with a cute double stroller! Your child will happily spend hours and hours giving these adorable dolls walks. Both baby twin dolls are made completely out of vinyl, and they have movable arms, legs and heads for more realistic play.

Sweet Twin Baby Dolls for Girls and Boys

These twin baby dolls for girls are sure to brighten up any child's day. Who can resist their cute little expressions or the rich details that go into their design? They come with cute little bows that make them all the more special. Whether you buy this set as a birthday gift, Christmas gift or just because, you will be tickled by JC Toys' everyday low prices and fast shipping. We're confident that you and your child will love this exceptional baby doll set. Lil' Cutesies Twins are ready to go! Their sweet expressions are sure to make you smile! And these sweet twins come in a fun Stroller! Collect all of the Lil' Cutesies to create your own magical world! 8.5" All Vinyl Doll, Expressions and Styles may vary. Perfect for children ages 2+.
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