Lil' Hugs 12" Baby's First Doll

SKU: 48000

One of the Best Dolls for Babies

It's important to be choosy when looking for soft baby dolls for infants. In addition to being soft, they should be designed with safety in mind. You'll get all of that and more by purchasing this adorable Lil' Hugs baby's first doll from JC Toys! Your little one will always remember this doll as my first baby doll and will spend many hours happily playing with it.

Dolls for babies need to be safe, and this one fits the bill. It is also designed to engage your baby in a number of ways. The rattle in the baby's left hand makes noises when it shakes, and the doll's feet and left hand make crinkly noises that babies and toddlers can't resist! Moms love how easy it is to wash and care for this doll. JC Toys carries a wide assortment of soft baby dolls for infants, and we're confident that you and your child will love this one. When you order today, you can expect to receive your doll in no time!

SKU: 48000

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